Introduction to SFWF
Welcome to the website of SFWF SFWF is leading the way towards
a world where all women and families are happy.

Since its launch in 2002. SFWF has been striving to trans- form Seoul into a city where all women and families are happy.

A great deal must be done to make this vision reality as the structures and functions of families change and the pace of social change increases. This is why SFWF is more actively engaging in a wide array of activities.

SFWF places the highest priority on communication with all of you. All the projects, research activities and educational programs of SFWF need to incorporate the demands, requests and needs of the citizenry and should substantially facilitate the realization of happiness for women and families.

Many citizens are still unaware of or do not feel close to SFWF. SFWL will, therefore, more proactively communicate with the citizenry. We wholeheartedly welcome you into the Seoul Women’s Plaza - an area of rest for women and families, cultural activities and exchange.

We will strive to become an organization that is approach-able. Make Seoul Women’s Plaza fun and interesting and develop effective programs and policies.

SFWF will stand by your side, sharing and helping you tackle the difficulties in your life.